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5 Reasons to Retire Well in 2019

Jan 15, 2019

If you’re considering retiring in 2019, you’re bound to be busy reviewing your finances and pondering the pros and cons of this decision. While finances are definitely the greatest influence on when we retire, some choose to delay retirement even if they’re financially capable, while others value the benefits of retirement over a little extra savings. Whether you delay retirement or not is an entirely personal preference, but if you’re chomping at the bit to retire soon, there are plenty of reasons to do so this year.

“Those who are hitting their planned retirement age in 2019 have lots to consider,” says Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, a Life CareCommunity in Buffalo, NY. “If their finances are in order, retirement becomes a matter of personal timing. At Gates Circle, we witness our residents experience the benefits of retiring as soon as possible. They’ve chosen to enjoy the carefree lifestyle that offers for as many years as they can. When you’ve worked hard your whole life, you deserve to retire to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.”

Why You Should Retire Now

Everyone’s situation is different, but we believe there are enormous benefits to enjoying retirement for as long as possible. If your finances allow you to, retiring in 2019 can mean your new lifestyle begins now!

Consider this:

  1. There’s No Time Like the Present – We never know what the future holds. Even when we plan, life can surprise us with new elements (like grandchildren, health conditions or inheritance) that make us reconsider our plans. It’s also easy to put off retirement for one more year, then another, then another. If you’re ready to retire now, we believe there’s value in taking the plunge and beginning your new lifestyle. Plans change, and there will always be reasons not to. If you wait until the timing is perfect, you could be waiting a long time.
  2. Benefits to Retiring Now – Retiring as early as you can has lots of benefits, such as giving you more time to live how you always wanted. Retiring now can also force you to get all of your financial affairs in order, which can save you stress and headaches down the road. By taking care of all these concerns now, you’ll have the rest of your life to enjoy with confidence knowing that you’ve secured your lifestyle ahead of time.
  3. Pursue What You Love – Some choose not to retire because they love what they do. If you’re one of these lucky people, retirement doesn’t mean you have to give up your work. You can continue to work part-time or volunteer your talents or skills throughout your community. On the other hand, if you’ve been putting off pursing what you love while you’ve focused on a career, then retirement can mark the beginning of going after your dream. If your savings and retirement benefits provide adequate income, you don’t have to worry about your paintings making any money or spending months in your woodshop to make a single item. You can pursue what you love without concern for its profitability.
  4. Invest in Your Future – Many view retiring as soon as possible as an investment in their future. Although this might sound counterproductive if you’re only thinking about finances, an on-time or early retirement can be good for your health. Many retirees take advantage of their change in lifestyle to prioritize their health, which can benefit their longevity and decrease their risks of health problems as they age. Also, if moving to a retirement community is part of your retirement picture, such a lifestyle can boost your health as well with access to fitness centers and nutritious dining. For those who choose to move to a community with a care continuum, they’re also investing in the possibility of receiving future care.
  5. Enjoy Retirement While You’re Young – If have big, beautiful plans for your retirement, you’ll want to make sure you can do them while you’re still capable. Especially if you’re thinking about moving to a retirement community, you don’t want to wait until health issues force your hand. Instead, you want to enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle, fun amenities and social engagement for as long as possible, and while you’re still healthy enough to take advantage of them for your health and happiness.

Helping You Through Your Retirement Journey

Choosing when to retire is a huge decision, and one that can’t be made by only considering one element or another. This decision requires you to think about all the aspects of your life, from finances to health concerns to how you want to live your life. It’s a big task, but not one you have to navigate alone.

If you would like some advice on how to know when it’s the right time for you to retire, the team at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle can help. We’ve supported dozens of retirees through this process, so we’ve seen it all. If you’d like some guidance from retirement living experts or would like to learn about the options we have available at our community, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you discover the retirement lifestyle you deserve. 

Find Your Fulfillment

Planned as the centerpiece of a unique intergenerational community, Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is a Life Care community like you’ve never seen. Urban, contemporary, and close to everything, this is a community that confirms what you already know: how you live has everything to do with where you live. Canterbury Woods Gates Circle offers the highest quality lifestyle and security. While offering the charm and livability of the Elmwood neighborhood, it also boasts the financial strength, impeccable reputation and reciprocal access to its sister community, Canterbury Woods Williamsville.

A Life Engaged. A Life Inspired.

With the excitement and energy of a revitalized Buffalo at your front door, you can immerse yourself in a diverse world of cultural pursuits and pleasures. Research tells us that connections are what a healthy and fulfilling retirement and a more fulfilling life are all about. At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, connections have never been easier. The intergenerational neighborhood concept of our campus, with nearby residential apartments and retail spaces, creates a natural centerpiece for socialization and activity, surrounding you with neighbors and new friends of all ages.

Continuum of Care.

As a Life Care Community, Canterbury Woods Communities provide a comfortable environment and first-rate services to support every level of need. Assisted living apartments allow Gates Circle residents to benefit from additional support while maintaining their independent lifestyle. If skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care is ever needed, residents can experience the support they require at our sister community in Williamsville.

Contact us today to discover more about Canterbury Woods Gates Circle! (716) 929-5817

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