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Five steps to a fulfilling New Year

Jan 5, 2017

“We know from our research that nearly everyone wants their lives to be more fulfilling, but 80% of people are far from it,” Dr. Schiemann says. “SO if you think about your plans for the New Year in light of becoming more fulfilled, you are far more likely to be successful in achieving them.”

Among the tips he learned from fulfilled people are these:

  1. Decide what you would like to accomplish. Long-term goals differ as you travel through life. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, for example, your goals might be centered around career achievements. By the time you reach retirement age, your goals might take the form of a bucket list that includes items such as visiting another country.Setting a long-term goal doesn’t have to be a scary thing.“Don’t be afraid to put a stake in the ground,” Dr. Schiemann says. “You can always adjust it later.”
  1. Determine your fulfillment drivers. Your drivers of success and fulfillment are the things you do that help you achieve your goals and dreams. These actions might range from taking courses to digging deeper into your religious or spiritual beliefs.
    Think about how you use your time.“We all have the same amount of time each day, but some people use it more wisely,” Dr. Schiemann says. Time management—assuring that you’re not wasting your time in tasks that aren’t helping you reach your goals—doesn’t have to stop when you retire.
  1. Find a way around setbacks. The most fulfilled people have built resilience, Dr. Schiemann says. One of the most important ways to do that is to nurture a strong network that includes some really close friends.
  1. Take a risk.“Think about what would stretch you in 2017,” he says. Many of the fulfilled individuals he interviewed said that stepping outside their comfort zones often led to rewards. Even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you’d planned, you’ll learn a lot that you can apply in the future.

Dr. Schiemann thinks these five steps will take you a long way toward greater fulfillment in 2017.

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