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Life Care: A Full Continuum of Care as You Age

Jul 15, 2019

Today’s senior living communities are not your grandma’s senior living communities. It’s no surprise that Baby Boomers have been changing everything about senior living, just as they have done for many aspects of our society. After all, they’ve been challenging “the man” and the expectations that society has placed on them since they were youths. That drive for change hasn’t slowed down as they enter their retirement years.

“Today’s seniors aren’t content to retire, sit back and relax,” says Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, a continuing care retirement community in Buffalo, NY. “They’re still living life the way they want, and they’re demanding more from senior living. They aren’t going quietly into that good night – they’re raising a ruckus and are ready to enjoy everything that being retired means.”

Recently (as in, over the past decade) Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) have become the hot new thing in the senior living space. However, as Boomer movers-and-shakers start shaking up their golden years, the CCRC term doesn’t quite accurately reflect what today’s seniors want – and what they need. These days, these communities are rebranding themselves as Life Care Communities to accurately reflect the active, energetic lifestyle of today’s older adults.

However, says Lynda, Life Care is more than just a name change. It’s a philosophy that’s making the idea of senior living communities more welcoming and accessible for younger seniors while ensuring that older adults have peace of mind, knowing they will always have the services they need.

Care for Life: What’s Offered at a Life Care Community?

A Life Care Community is a special type of senior living community that offers care and a home for residents throughout the aging process, no matter how their needs may change. It’s an excellent option for active, independent and healthy seniors who want to enjoy their retirement without having to worry about moving if or when their health needs change.

At Canterbury Woods, our Life Care offers four stages of care for our residents.

  • Independent living. This option allows residents all the privacy and benefits of their own home, with all the perks of living in an all-inclusive resort. Individuals live in their own standalone home on-campus with access to everything we have to offer. It’s a maintenance-free lifestyle, which means that residents never have to worry about upkeep, cleaning or landscaping ever again. You don’t even have to cook if you don’t want to. Independent living makes your time yours, allowing you endless options to explore, enjoy and embrace the retirement lifestyle.
  • Assisted living. If you find you need just a little extra help in order to live safely and independently, assisted living is a great option. Residents enjoy the privacy of their own apartment home, plus the security of a caring staff available 24/7 to assist with the tasks of daily life. Just like with independent living, the lifestyle is maintenance-free and chock-full of all the services and amenities you need in order to live safely and happily.
  • Skilled nursing and rehabilitation. If you need to recover from an accident, surgery or other event, or if you need a higher level of care than assisted living provides, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the benefits of your Canterbury Woods home. Oxford Village at Canterbury Woods provides short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care services for both residents and seniors living in the Buffalo area.
  • Memory care. When an individual is diagnosed with dementia, they and their family want to be sure they’re in a safe, caring environment surrounded by skilled professionals who understand their needs. At Canterbury Woods, we can help you and your loved one in the place they know as their home – helping to avoid the trauma of moving. Our secure neighborhood is staffed around-the-clock by professionally trained staff who are dedicated to providing a joyful life and caring support for those with cognitive diseases.

Why Choose Life Care?

Healthy and active seniors may not think that senior living is for them – especially a Life Care community that’s “forever.” However, this is the demographic that should be moving to a community as soon as possible, says Lynda.

“The best time to move to a Life Care community is before you actually need care,” she says. “Independent living can be incredibly rewarding after so many years of caring for your family and a career. You have complete independence, yet everything you need to live a carefree lifestyle. It also allows you to make this place your true home so that, if and when you do need more care, you can experience it in the place that you have come to know and love.”

Lynda reminds seniors that there’s a lot more to Life Care than simple healthcare. “Living in a Life Care Community means a lifestyle of greater choices, all of which are fantastic options,” she says. “We’re a true community with everything that entails. From a bustling dining room, to activities and events scheduled every day, to fitness classes and opportunities, to scheduled transportation and outings and so much more, there’s something for everyone.”

Canterbury Woods Gates Circle has the added benefit of being set in the middle of an inter-generational neighborhood in downtown Buffalo. Residents will be “right in the thick of it” and be steps away from culture, art, shopping, local businesses and everything the city has to offer.

“We all want to live well, and the key to that is having confidence that, no matter what happens, you’ll be protected for life and still be able to do the things you love,” says Lynda. “Life Care at Canterbury Woods provides that protection and care, no matter what happens to your health or financial status in the future. When you choose us as your senior living community, you become part of our family, and family means everything to us.”

For more information about Life Care and what it means for you, information about our events or simply to learn more about our continuing care retirement community, please call us at (716) 929-5817. 

Find Your Fulfillment

Planned as the centerpiece of a unique intergenerational community, Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is a Life Care community like you’ve never seen. Urban, contemporary, and close to everything, this is a community that confirms what you already know: how you live has everything to do with where you live. Canterbury Woods Gates Circle offers the highest quality lifestyle and security. While offering the charm and livability of the Elmwood neighborhood, it also boasts the financial strength, impeccable reputation and reciprocal access to its sister community, Canterbury Woods Williamsville.

A Life Engaged. A Life Inspired.

With the excitement and energy of a revitalized Buffalo at your front door, you can immerse yourself in a diverse world of cultural pursuits and pleasures. Research tells us that connections are what a healthy and fulfilling retirement and a more fulfilling life are all about. At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, connections have never been easier. The intergenerational neighborhood concept of our campus, with nearby residential apartments and retail spaces, creates a natural centerpiece for socialization and activity, surrounding you with neighbors and new friends of all ages.

Continuum of Care.

As a Life Care Community, Canterbury Woods Communities provide a comfortable environment and first-rate services to support every level of need. Assisted living apartments allow Gates Circle residents to benefit from additional support while maintaining their independent lifestyle. If skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care is ever needed, residents can experience the support they require at our sister community in Williamsville.

Contact us today to discover more about Canterbury Woods Gates Circle. (716) 929-5817

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