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5 Ways Urban Living Is Good for Your Health

May 11, 2020

When it comes to where you choose to live, many people know the value of living in an urban area. From an array of restaurants and shopping, to entertainment and more (which we will get back to), there’s always so much to do and see. When it comes to healthy living, however, urban living may have additional benefits that we often overlook!

Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Buffalo, NY, says that residents enjoy urban living for a number of reasons, and it’s often because of easy access to everything they love. “At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, residents not only enjoy the lifestyle they desire in our community, but they also enjoy knowing that just outside their door there is so much more being offered,” she says. “From the beauty of our area to delicious take-out and dining options, to the opportunity to enjoy close proximity to everything they need and a multitude of services, it’s easy to live a happy and healthy lifestyle while enjoying everything they love each day.”

Discover the Health Benefits of Urban Living

At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, seniors can enjoy all the health benefits of urban living. Consider just a few of the many benefits that BEST LIFE shares below!

  1. People walk more and get increased exercise – It’s no secret that urban areas are more walkable. This encourages seniors to get outside, explore the local area, walk instead of drive or even simply get more exercise. The walkability of urban areas makes it more likely that those who live there have lessened risk of obesity, high blood pressure and even heart disease.


  1. There is even great access to healthy food – In urban areas, there seems to be healthy food around every corner. From delicious dining options to fresh food markets, it’s easy to eat healthy and try new foods. This not only keeps your body and mind healthy but also improves your health and wellness.


  1. There is often faster emergency response and increased access to care – The article states that your risk of accidentally mortally injuring yourself is lower in a city and that if you do need help in an emergency, it’s often quicker and easier to get it.


  1. A range of lifelong opportunities abounds – From exploring the local area to enjoying a new hobby, taking classes, discovering your passions and more, there are often more opportunities to enjoy life each day. This can help to increase activity, add fulfilment and keep your mind active and sharp.


  1. There are more chances to meet new people – Socializing is easier in urban areas. Not only can you meet more people by doing things you love, but you can also find like-minded people everywhere while meeting those of different backgrounds, experiences and more. This can help to ward away dementia, increase happiness and enhance life each day.


For more information about urban living, or to ask us your questions, contact us today! We would be happy to connect with you and share all the benefits of Canterbury Woods Gates Circle!

Find Your Fulfillment

Planned as the centerpiece of a unique intergenerational community, Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is a Life Care Community like you’ve never seen. Urban, contemporary, and close to everything, this is a community that confirms what you already know: how you live has everything to do with where you live. Canterbury Woods Gates Circle offers the highest quality lifestyle and security. While offering the charm and livability of the Elmwood neighborhood, it also boasts the financial strength, impeccable reputation and reciprocal access to its sister community, Canterbury Woods Williamsville.

A Life Engaged. A Life Inspired.

With the excitement and energy of a revitalized Buffalo at your front door, you can immerse yourself in a diverse world of cultural pursuits and pleasures. Research tells us that connections are what a healthy and fulfilling retirement and a more fulfilling life are all about. At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, connections have never been easier. The intergenerational neighborhood concept of our campus, with nearby residential apartments and retail spaces, creates a natural centerpiece for socialization and activity, surrounding you with neighbors and new friends of all ages.

Continuum of Care.

As a Life Care Community, Canterbury Woods Communities provide a comfortable environment and first-rate services to support every level of need. Assisted living apartments allow Gates Circle residents to benefit from additional support while maintaining their independent lifestyle. If skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care is ever needed, residents can experience the support they require at our sister community in Williamsville.

Contact us today to discover more about Canterbury Woods Gates Circle!

(716) 929-5817

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