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The Benefits of Choosing a Location That Meets Your Particular Needs

Jan 28, 2022

Moving to a senior living community can be a difficult transition, and there are many important factors to consider as you think about this next phase of your life. Of course, you will want any retirement community you choose to provide excellent medical care, offer you vibrant social and intellectual opportunities, and be a comfortable place to call home

Keep in mind that you are not limited to choosing a senior living community in your current city or state. You might want to take this chance to relocate to an entirely new place. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of choosing the right location. 


The cost of living varies from place to place. While you may default to looking for retirement communities in your area, consider the fact that your money might be able to go further in another county, city or state.  

If you anticipate having to live on a tighter budget or can see the opportunity for a comparable quality of life in a less-expensive region, you might want to look at areas that might offer a less expensive way of life. If you are open to most areas and need to prioritize affordability above other characteristics, you might want to consider the cities that offer the most for your money.

Tax Incentives

Related to affordability are the tax incentives available to you in different parts of the country. Beyond the cost of living in an area, you should consider the tax rate on Social Security benefits, your pension, IRA and 401(k). The way that each state handles these is different, and it might make a difference to you as you consider your living options. 


What is considered convenient is completely dependent on what you want the most access to. Of course, you’ll want to be in an area that is close to everyday necessities, but being in a location that is conducive to your preferred lifestyle is important too. 

If you are interested in a low-key life that is centered around what your senior living community offers, you may not have as much of an interest in where it is located.

However, if you want to explore and have easy access to things like museums, art galleries, theatres and festivals, then you might look for a retirement community near a major city. If you want lakeside or oceanside views or to be in close proximity to hiking trails or campsites, you will want to look at more specific regions that offer what you want.

Fun Place To Visit

Another variable as seniors choose their preferred location is how close to family and friends they might be. If they are choosing an independent living situation that is a significant distance away from loved ones, they will likely want to make sure that there are attractions that can be enjoyed by a wide group of people. 

This way, your residence will be an appealing place not only for you to live but also for family and friends to come visit. 


It may not be at the top of your list, but if you are someone who enjoys nature and wants outdoor activities to be a major part of your retirement years, choosing a location with a temperate climate might be vital. Similarly, if a certain type of weather affects your physical health, this could be a significant variable to consider. 

There are senior living communities located all across the nation, and you can choose an environment that is similar to the one where you currently live, or choose something completely different. 

The Advantages of Choosing Senior Living in Buffalo, New York

Canterbury Woods Gate Circle is located in downtown Buffalo, New York. We provide the same security and peace of mind as our sister community in Williamsville, but with accessibility to the city. We are in the Elmwood Village neighborhood, where beautiful architecture meets modern convenience. 

New York is a tax-friendly state for seniors, and depending on your unique needs, our community might be the perfect spot for you to settle for this exciting new phase of your life. Reach out for more details about our community by contacting our Marketing Director, Lynda Marino, at (716) 427-6678.

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