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The 9 Best Social Clubs for Seniors

Mar 15, 2024

Retirement is a time for new adventures, personal growth, and meaningful connections. For seniors looking to stay socially engaged, active, and connected with others, joining a social club can be the perfect solution.

We’ll explore the health benefits of joining clubs and the nine best social clubs for seniors, each offering unique opportunities for older adults to thrive and flourish in their 55-and-older years.

The Benefits of Clubs for Seniors

Before we delve into the specific social clubs, let’s highlight some of the overarching benefits that clubs offer to seniors!

Social Interaction

Joining a club provides opportunities for seniors to connect with others, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships.

Active Retirement

Clubs offer a variety of activities and events that promote an active and fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

Volunteering Opportunities

Many clubs engage in volunteer work, allowing seniors to give back to their communities and make a positive impact.

Exercise and Fitness

Clubs often organize fitness classes, walking groups, and other exercise activities to help seniors stay physically active and healthy.

Travel and Exploration

Some clubs arrange group travel adventures, providing opportunities for seniors to explore new destinations and create lasting memories.

Hobbies and Interests

Whether it’s book clubs, gardening, or art, clubs cater to a wide range of hobbies and interests, allowing seniors to pursue their passions.

Now, let’s explore the nine best social clubs for seniors:

group of seniors smiling and laughing together while outside1. Audubon Society

For nature enthusiasts and bird lovers, the Audubon Society offers a perfect blend of social and environmental engagement. Members can participate in birdwatching outings, nature walks, and conservation efforts, fostering a deep connection with the natural world.

2. SeniorNet

SeniorNet provides older adults with opportunities to learn and embrace technology in a supportive and social environment. From computer classes to digital literacy workshops, members can enhance their skills and stay connected in today’s digital age.

3. Red Hat Society

Embracing the motto “fun and friendship after 50,” the Red Hat Society celebrates sisterhood and camaraderie among women aged 50 and older. Members enjoy social gatherings, themed events, and activities that promote laughter, friendship, and self-expression.


AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) offers a wealth of resources, advocacy efforts, and social opportunities for adults aged 50 and older. From educational workshops to community service projects, AARP empowers seniors to live their best lives.

5. SilverSneakers

Focused on promoting health and wellness among older adults, SilverSneakers offers fitness classes, wellness programs, and social activities designed to keep seniors active and engaged. Members can access a network of gyms, fitness centers, and online resources tailored to their needs.

6. AmeriCorps Seniors

Formerly known as the Senior Corps, AmeriCorps Seniors engages older adults in volunteer service to address critical community needs. Whether it’s mentoring youth, supporting Veterans, or helping seniors in need, members make a meaningful impact through service and social connection.

7. National Senior Games

For seniors who love sports and competition, the National Senior Games provide opportunities to stay active and engaged through athletic events and recreational activities. From track and field to swimming, participants showcase their skills and celebrate the joy of physical activity.

8. Book Clubs

Book clubs offer a haven for literary enthusiasts to come together, share their love of reading, and engage in lively discussions. Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, members bond over their shared passion for literature and lifelong learning.

9. Walking Clubs

Walking clubs promote health, fitness, and social connection through group walks and outdoor adventures. Members explore scenic trails, parks, and neighborhoods while enjoying the benefits of physical activity and the camaraderie of fellow walkers.

Senior man talking to his friends who are playing chess at retirement communitySocial clubs play a vital role in enhancing the lives of seniors by providing opportunities for social interaction, active engagement, and personal fulfillment. Whether you’re interested in volunteering, exercise, travel, hobbies, or simply connecting with others, there’s a club out there for you.

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