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The Changing Face of Retirement: Urban Living

Sep 17, 2018

There’s a reason why many of today’s retirees are choosing urban locales. Actually, there are lots of reasons! From the opportunities for entertainment and engagement to proximity to resources most sought after during the retirement years, urban cities have much to offer an aging population.

Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Buffalo, NY, says, “Urban centers are certainly hotspots for seniors today. City living seems to meet their needs more easily than isolated, rural communities. Since retirees are no longer tied to job locations or the needs for quality school districts or big backyards, many find that living in the city suits their new lifestyle better than the rural areas where they might have raised their families.”

Benefits of Retiring to the City

According to sources such as AARP and The New York Times, urban living offers seniors many benefits that just aren’t possible in a rural setting. To explain why so many seniors are choosing city life during their retirement years, sources note:

  • Fitting the Needs of Empty Nesters – Once older adults retire and no longer have the demands of career and family like they used to, a large home with a lot of outdoor space may not be necessary. When it’s just one or two people to a home, opportunities outside the home become more attractive. A big home in the country is nice when it’s filled with family members, but that large empty nest may not compete well against a modern apartment close to all your major necessities and social spheres.
  • Walkability – Many seniors appreciate the walkability of cities as they prefer not to drive as they get older. Compared to rural settings where having a car is a must and few resources are within walking distance, cities offer multiple neighborhoods where you can walk or take public transportation to almost everything you need.
  • New Life Experiences – City dwelling offers plenty of new experiences for anyone, but retirees especially are often eager for a new way of life or a special location to spend their retirement years. Moving to a new city allows seniors to explore new cultures and experience a faster-paced lifestyle. Even if one has always lived in the city, staying there after retirement allows new time and energy for experiencing the city in a new way.
  • Abundant Cultural Opportunities – With greater diversity and affluence, urban areas can offer some of the greatest opportunities for experiencing the arts, athletics, education and industry fields. Seniors who wish to participate in or patron certain kinds of events, programs or businesses find plenty of opportunities in the city.
  • Charismatic Neighborhoods – Cities are typically made up of several different neighborhoods, each with their own personalities and subcultures. This variety gives city-dwellers plenty of options in where they’d like to reside while still being close to major resources and enjoying proximity to their favorite landmarks. Some neighborhoods are also influenced by high populations of certain ethnicities and demographics, which can give seniors a chance to connect with their heritage.
  • Robust Entertainment Options – Shops, restaurants, parks, theaters, clubs, concerts – these are just a few of the many options available any day in the city. There’s plenty of options and lots of variety, allowing residents the freedom and opportunity to engage in a lifestyle tailor-made for them.
  • Close to Great Medical Centers – Some of the country’s best doctors, specialists and medical professionals are found in major cities. Hospitals tend to be better staffed for larger populations and located for easy access from city centers. Not only can medical care be more easily accessible in the city but patients often have a larger variety of great doctors to choose from to receive the care they want.

Helping You Find Your Retirement Home

At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, we recognize the amazing advantages seniors enjoy by retiring to the city. Located in Buffalo, New York, our community gives residents everything they love about their city lifestyle – proximity to their favorite restaurants, neighborhoods and social spots. Nestled in the Elmwood neighborhood, Gates Circle offers residents the convenience, comfort and security they desire.

If you would like to know more about the lifestyle available at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle or the benefits of retiring in an urban area, contact our team to continue the conversation. We’re happy to discuss your senior living options with you.

Find Your Fulfillment

Planned as the centerpiece of a unique intergenerational community, Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is a continuing care retirement community like you’ve never seen. Urban, contemporary, and close to everything, this is a community that confirms what you already know: how you live has everything to do with where you live. Canterbury Woods Gates Circle offers the highest quality lifestyle and security. While offering the charm and livability of the Elmwood neighborhood, it also boasts the financial strength, impeccable reputation and reciprocal access to its sister community, Canterbury Woods Williamsville.

A Life Engaged. A Life Inspired.

With the excitement and energy of a revitalized Buffalo at your front door, you can immerse yourself in a diverse world of cultural pursuits and pleasures. Research tells us that connections are what a healthy and fulfilling retirement and a more fulfilling life are all about. At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, connections have never been easier. The intergenerational neighborhood concept of our campus, with nearby residential apartments and retail spaces, creates a natural centerpiece for socialization and activity, surrounding you with neighbors and new friends of all ages.

Continuum of Care.

As a Life Care Community, Canterbury Woods Communities provide a comfortable environment and first-rate services to support every level of need. Assisted living apartments allow Gates Circle residents to benefit from additional support while maintaining their independent lifestyle. If skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care is ever needed, residents can experience the support they require at our sister community in Williamsville.

Contact us today to discover more about Canterbury Woods Gates Circle! (716) 929-5817

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