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#OneGatesCircle: Transforming What You Believe About Retirement Living

Nov 13, 2018

Even with all the remarkable changes within the senior living industry over the past decade or so, many seniors and adults nearing retirement age view community living in a negative light. Some hold on to the stereotypes formed years ago about institutional nursing homes, while others just haven’t yet explored today’s options for abundant senior life.

Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Buffalo, NY, says, “The world of senior living is changing. Whereas a generation ago, a senior community implied an end of the road option when families couldn’t care for their aging loved ones, today’s senior living communities have become the forerunners in advocating for purposeful, well-deserved lifestyles for senior adults.

“At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, we’re proud to be among such communities who are actively transforming what seniors believe about retirement life and senior living options. Every day, we expel the myths and notions that retirement communities strip seniors of independence and choice. We’ve created a place where the only thing seniors lose is their stress and worries. In every way, we lift seniors up, helping them experience retirement the way it was meant to be.”

Transformation in Action

Do you believe some of the most commonly held misconceptions about retirement living? A lot of seniors consider retirement communities to take away their choices about how they spend their days or even lead to premature aging. At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, these ideas couldn’t be further from the truth! See how we’re actively transforming negative beliefs about retirement living:

  • I’ll Lose My Independence – This is only true if you define independence as living in the house you own until your final days. Otherwise, seniors discover greater independence when they move to a retirement community. They’re no longer tied down by mortgage payments or property taxes, home repairs and the never-ending, day-to-day chores of maintaining a family home. They’re free of these burdens – and free to fill their lives with what they really love.
  • I’ll Be Bored – We think this misconception comes from stereotypes built around aging, which jokingly list bingo nights as the most fun seniors can have (even though we have a blast with bingo). Today’s senior living recognizes that passion and the need for daily fulfillment doesn’t disappear with age. Our residents enjoy a wide range of activities that they pursue on their own or engage in with our community. From clubs, classes, social events and guest speakers to the convenience of living in a beautiful Buffalo neighborhood, there’s so much for our residents to do and enjoy each day.
  • My Health Will Decline – Along with the misconception that senior living is only for the ill comes the belief that moving to a senior living community will quicken the aging process. We find the opposite to be true. We believe that age is an attitude, and our residents share this sentiment with their zest for life and active, youthful perspectives. Not only do retirement communities make it easier for seniors to access health care services and remain healthy with exercise initiatives and nutritious meals, but the state of mind that exists among neighbors and peers encourages residents to stay active and pursue what makes them feel alive.
  • I Don’t Belong Here – It’s true that not every community will be the right fit for an individual. That’s why it’s so important to conduct a thorough search for the best retirement community for you. However, we strongly believe that there’s a place for everyone out there. Whether you prefer to keep just a small circle of friends and spend time by yourself, or you thrive on connections with others, you can maintain your ideal lifestyle within a community setting. Because places like Gates Circle are designed to meet the varying needs of today’s retirees, you can effortlessly create balance to your life and find where you fit in.

A New Way to Look at Retirement

Whether you hold some of these fears and misconceptions about senior living or not, we encourage you to reimagine how you’ve been thinking about retirement living. If this is your first glance into the extraordinary shifts that senior living has experienced over the last few decades, we hope you’ll keep exploring the life-enriching options available to you and your loved ones.

“Retirement living can be whatever you want,” says Marino. “Communities like Gates Circle make it possible for you to bring your retirement dreams to life.”

If you’d like to learn more about how retirement living is evolving to better meet the needs of today’s seniors, or you’d like to hear about the lifestyles available at Gates Circle, reach out to our team today! 

Find Your Fulfillment 

Planned as the centerpiece of a unique intergenerational community, Canterbury Woods Gates Circle is a Continuing Care Retirement Community like you’ve never seen. Urban, contemporary, and close to everything, this is a community that confirms what you already know: how you live has everything to do with where you live. Canterbury Woods Gates Circle offers the highest quality lifestyle and security. While offering the charm and livability of the Elmwood neighborhood, it also boasts the financial strength, impeccable reputation, and reciprocal access to its sister community, Canterbury Woods Williamsville.

A Life Engaged. A Life Inspired.

With the excitement and energy of a revitalized Buffalo at your front door, you can immerse yourself in a diverse world of cultural pursuits and pleasures. Research tells us that connections are what a healthy and fulfilling retirement and a more fulfilling life are all about. At Canterbury Woods Gates Circle, connections have never been easier. The intergenerational neighborhood concept of our campus, with nearby residential apartments and retail spaces, creates a natural centerpiece for socialization and activity, surrounding you with neighbors and new friends of all ages.

Continuum of Care.

As a Life Care Community, Canterbury Woods Communities provide a comfortable environment and first-rate services to support every level of need. Assisted living apartments allow Gates Circle residents to benefit from additional support while maintaining their independent lifestyle. If skilled nursing, rehabilitation or memory care is ever needed, residents can experience the support they require at our sister community in Williamsville.

Contact us today to discover more about Canterbury Woods Gates Circle! (716) 929-5817

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