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5 Reasons for Moving to Senior Living Before You Need Support

Aug 19, 2022

Today’s senior living communities are designed with the modern senior in mind. They offer so much more than just the senior care services traditionally associated with nursing homes.

“Life Care Communities open up a whole new world for older adults,” says Lynda Marino, Marketing Director at Canterbury Woods. “Canterbury Woods is the only Life Care Community in the Buffalo, NY, area – and we create the kind of carefree life seniors want so they can pursue the things they enjoy most.”

Life Care Communities enhance the experience of active, engaged seniors with independent living. Keep reading to learn how seniors benefit from a move to the independent living community at Gates Circle. To experience the lifestyle advantages in person, schedule a personal tour of our community.

You’ll be the one making the decision.

If you wait to move until you’re facing a health crisis, you’ll likely have fewer options and more pressure. You may be rushed into this next step and not get a chance to think through all the ways it may impact your life.

When you make this transition earlier, you’ll have more time to prepare. You can think through finances, visit several senior living communities, organize your belongings, and sell your home on your own terms.

You can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Independent living at a Gates Circle Life Care Community will support whatever vision you have for your retirement years. When you move into senior living, you’ll no longer have to worry about home maintenance responsibilities. Tasks like clearing the driveway, making house repairs and mowing the lawn will be a thing of the past. You’ll also benefit from weekly housecleaning, local transportation, and other life-easing services.

Community security allows you to travel without having to worry about leaving an empty home behind. You can explore our many social and recreational opportunities. You can even cultivate deeper relationships with family members by relieving the pressure of your caregiving. In short, you’ll have the freedom to live your best life.

You can enjoy community life longer.

Community residents often comment that they wish they would have made the move to an independent living community sooner. Once you experience the carefree lifestyle of senior living, you’ll be glad you have the autonomy, energy and ability to participate in everything we have to offer.

You’ll have the opportunity to delve into lifelong learning at Canterbury University, engage in our fitness programs and learn a new hobby. The sooner you make the move, the sooner you’ll get to experience the dynamic and diverse offerings of Gates Circle independent living.

You can support your mental and physical health.

There are many aspects of community life that support your ongoing wellness and promote a longer, happier life. For example, independent living encourages increased socialization, which can dramatically improve mental well-being and physical health.

Regular access to a fitness center, indoor pool and nutritious dining options supports a healthy lifestyle. This can lead to a lower BMI, greater muscle stability, and improved heart health. Even the expanded opportunities to start a new pastime can contribute to positive health.

At Gates Circle, you can make an investment in your future.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of a Life Care Community is the access to future care if your needs change. Gates Circle has a full continuum of care, including assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation.

A Life Care Community offers contracts with long-term care in mind. You’ll pay an entrance fee when you move in. After that, your monthly fee will be stable no matter the level of care you’re receiving.

This protects you from skyrocketing market health care costs. It also provides you with peace of mind knowing your personal and medical needs will be covered without a major disruption to your life.

To get a better idea of the costs associated with your specific situation, use our comprehensive financial projection tool, which matches you with the best Gates Circle residential options.

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